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Hello! I just want to lose a few pounds...well, 8 to be exact. :) Just thought I would pop in to say hi! Today was NOT a good day...period = Chocolate cravings big time. But tomorrow will be better. I am certain of it. :) I know this is going to sound dumb, but the main reason I want to lose weight is I have a dance coming up, and I am between sizes. The dress I want is so pretty (Click here to see it), but I am just an inch too big in places to fit into it. Do you guys think losing five pounds will help me lose an inch from my waist and hips? I am already at an "average" size right now, and I am by no means overweight...just a bit uncomfortable, that is all. I hate wearing a dress I either cannot breathe in or hangs on me.

Oh, and just so you guys know...I am a recovered anorexic, but my focus is on being healthy now, despite the handful of Hershey's kisses I just devoured a few seconds ago. :/ I want to go about this slowly and without starving myself...because when that happens, I instinctively reach for the chocolate or the ice cream or whatever because that is how I got over my eating disorder. Sort of twisted, I know, but it is better than drinking Ensure. Blech. That got old fast.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello! :) Have a nice day, everyone!
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