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newbie [06 Jun 2006|05:16pm]

hey everyone

i wanna just make sure im in the right place first. im losing weight the healthy way- eating good, healthy food and exercising. is this the right place? its hard to tell communities apart and if they are pro eating disorder or not.
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Sharing my success with any Aussies out there [04 Sep 2005|08:34am]

Hi my name’s Marianne, and I wanted to share with everyone my story so far...

I weighed 106kgs and had problems with my metabolism. I wasn’t sure anything could work for me. With a wonky metabolism I had to eat half as much and exercise twice as much! But I stumbled across an amazing all natural herbal based program.

When the first kg’s came off I started to get really excited, I'm now down to 98kg, and all steam ahead till I reach my goal weight. Before starting the program I was always tired and I hated the way I looked.

Losing weight has transformed my attitude. I’m bursting with energy and my confidence has sky-rocketed. The best part is I’m fitting into clothes that have sat in my wardrobe for years. Take a look at: http://gr8healthrus.com for more info.
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[27 Aug 2005|11:19am]

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i'm new [19 Jul 2005|08:49pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]


I'm new, i'm jenna i'm 19 and i'm tryin to get some advice on how to lose weight in a healthy way.  i have lost about 25 lbs, but it wasn't in a very healthy way, i play street hockey 2 times a week, and usually i'm to busy during the day to eat.  if i do eat it's at 11 o'clock at night and it's junk. i am open to any advice anyone is willing to give me, i would love to set up a good schedule that will help me lose about 30lbs.  I currently weight 195lbs, i did weight 222.  I'm 5'7" if any of this info helps


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Help Please [15 Mar 2005|09:42pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I new and I have a few questions. I'm 18 and weigh about 150 however two years ago I wieghed 115-120. I know what caused this sudden wieght gain but thats not about that, I want to loose about 10 to 15lbs by my greaduation in May. I've been on a small diet where I cut out bread, pasta, starches, some red meat, sugar, and sweets. I've been doing this for a month now and have kept up wiht my normal routine of Ballet that I take about 7hrs a week [an hour and half a day] along with my job where I walk up and down stairs all day long. However I weighed my self today after my mom said that I had to loose wieght and I noticed it GAINED about 10lbs. Why is that?

I dont like diet with food suppliment bars, I don't believe in those or diet pills. I do exercise and I would do more but my schedual keeps me from doing a lot. I've been looking into 'The Zone' diet and am interested. Does any one have any comments on that diet? If not then some advice as why i gained weight would be really helpful.

Thanks a bunch.


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Introduction. [21 Jan 2005|04:43pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello! I just want to lose a few pounds...well, 8 to be exact. :) Just thought I would pop in to say hi! Today was NOT a good day...period = Chocolate cravings big time. But tomorrow will be better. I am certain of it. :) I know this is going to sound dumb, but the main reason I want to lose weight is I have a dance coming up, and I am between sizes. The dress I want is so pretty (Click here to see it), but I am just an inch too big in places to fit into it. Do you guys think losing five pounds will help me lose an inch from my waist and hips? I am already at an "average" size right now, and I am by no means overweight...just a bit uncomfortable, that is all. I hate wearing a dress I either cannot breathe in or hangs on me.

Oh, and just so you guys know...I am a recovered anorexic, but my focus is on being healthy now, despite the handful of Hershey's kisses I just devoured a few seconds ago. :/ I want to go about this slowly and without starving myself...because when that happens, I instinctively reach for the chocolate or the ice cream or whatever because that is how I got over my eating disorder. Sort of twisted, I know, but it is better than drinking Ensure. Blech. That got old fast.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello! :) Have a nice day, everyone!

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Think this is good? [16 Jun 2004|12:50am]

[ mood | curious ]


I'm thinking about buying a new exercise thingy.. (Yes, I am great with words :p)

And I was wondering, would this be a good decision? The exercise it gives resembles skiing, and after what I can see, it trains both upper and lower body.

PictureCollapse )

If it's not a good choice, what is?
My problem areas are thighs, ass and stomach.

[Crossposted to a lot of communities]

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[05 Apr 2004|11:50pm]

Hi everyone, I'm new here and was just wondering if any of you had some helpful tips? I'm 16, about 5'6 and 145 pounds. I try to at least do a mile or so daily on my treadmill, but that is pretty much all I have time for. I have been drinking water instead of soda and trying to cut out some bread. But, I really don't think just that will help me tone up, so any ideas for a girl that doesn't have much time on her hands? Thanks so much! :)
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[27 Mar 2003|06:24pm]

today I haven't been hungry so much as I've been thirsty. I really need to run to the store for more bottled water, as sweet tea is eating up the points.
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food [06 Jan 2003|04:10pm]
1 slice turkey
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food [06 Jan 2003|02:41pm]

turkey sandwich w/ oil and vinegar
juicy juice
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