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Help Please

I new and I have a few questions. I'm 18 and weigh about 150 however two years ago I wieghed 115-120. I know what caused this sudden wieght gain but thats not about that, I want to loose about 10 to 15lbs by my greaduation in May. I've been on a small diet where I cut out bread, pasta, starches, some red meat, sugar, and sweets. I've been doing this for a month now and have kept up wiht my normal routine of Ballet that I take about 7hrs a week [an hour and half a day] along with my job where I walk up and down stairs all day long. However I weighed my self today after my mom said that I had to loose wieght and I noticed it GAINED about 10lbs. Why is that?

I dont like diet with food suppliment bars, I don't believe in those or diet pills. I do exercise and I would do more but my schedual keeps me from doing a lot. I've been looking into 'The Zone' diet and am interested. Does any one have any comments on that diet? If not then some advice as why i gained weight would be really helpful.

Thanks a bunch.

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if you havent done so already, i would cut out all drinks such as soda, coffee or juice, and just drink water.

maybe you've been cutting too many calories, because if you're eating 1000 or less your body will go into starvation mode and that will actually make it harder for you to lose weight because it wants to keep as much fat as it can

and it's healthy to eat carbs, as long as they're good carbs. so i wouldnt cut out breads and pasta all together. but eat whole wheat bread and pasta instead, and lean meats like lean turkey

i also think at some point, your body gets used to the exercise that you do. so if you've been doing the same things, maybe you should change it up a bit so it's just a little more intense

i'm also 18 and trying to lose some weight before graduation.. well before prom would be nice too. i'm gonna add you as a friend. you can add me back.. or not. :) good luck.